Plebania Trasporti S.R.L.


Our transport and distribution services.

All our services are built around the care, precision and professionalism that we have long been renowned for.
We go the extra mile to ensure punctual delivery every time. From the initial phone call to loading the goods and geolocation tracking along the way right through to the final delivery, your satisfaction is our primary concern.
And we achieve it with a blend of efficiency, reliability and competitiveness.

Full-truck transport nationwide
Full-truck transport nationwide

The vehicle is loaded in a single operation with a single pick-up/delivery and driven to a single destination without breaking the journey.

The benefits
- Minimal handling of the goods
- Optimal load safety and security
- Faster delivery

Partial-truck transport nationwide
Partial-truck transport nationwide

This is a high-quality professional service tailored to your specific needs. The partial-truck service is our core business; we have thirty years of experience in this niche, so we can offer real added value compared to other companies. Our aim is your total satisfaction, through impeccable attention to every detail of your shipment. Safety, speed, reliability and flexible planning are the keys to every successful delivery.

Groupage transport nationwide
Groupage transport nationwide

Here, two or more shipments for the same or nearby destinations are loaded onto the same vehicle for optimum efficiency.

Part-load transport nationwide (LTL)
Part-load transport nationwide (LTL)

We can easily organise this kind of shipment with consignments weighing less than 5000 kg using a single vehicle to deliver for several shippers.

Express deliveries
Express deliveries

With this fast, urgent service, our expert staff and dedicated vehicles get your shipment delivered as quickly as possible based on the final destination and your specific requirements.

ADR transport
ADR transport

Our vehicle fleet is specially equipped to transport dangerous goods in classes 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 8 and 9.

Distribuzione / Trasporti

Additional services:

  • Loading and unloading goods via tail lift
    Our vehicles have tail lifts to load and unload packages and pallets of all sizes weighing up to 2000 kg in total safety, even in areas with small ramps or limited facilities.

  • Suspended loads
    Our vehicles with removable tarpaulins can also be loaded from above.

  • Telephone alerts

  • Handling returnable pallets

  • Return delivery notes

  • Cash-on-delivery services

  • Returns management

  • Storage management

  • Porterage

  • Delivery booking service

  • Third-party insurance, as required


Storage and logistics solutions

With 11,000 sqm of clean, well-organised covered warehouse space with video-surveillance security, we offer tailor-made, innovative, personalised solutions for all your storage, logistics and warehousing needs.
Our warehouses are regularly monitored to keep them free of pests and vermin.
Using the most appropriate equipment and technology and the latest IT systems that support various types of service, we can offer optimum operational solutions for all our customers’ needs.

Key services

  • Loading/unloading

  • Management software and electronic optical-recognition tools for goods in/out

  • FIFO and FEFO goods handling

  • Goods traceability

  • Storage

  • Assembly and packing

  • Picking

  • Inventory

  • Barcode labelling

  • Cross-docking